How to Preserve Flowers

Here are some tips on how to preserve flowers so that you can enjoy them for a longer period of time.

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We all love fresh flowers in our homes, but they don’t last forever. If you want to enjoy your flowers for as long as possible, there are a few things you can do to preserve them.

With a little effort, you can prolong the life of your flowers and keep them looking fresh for weeks. Here are some tips on how to preserve flowers:

Cut Flower Care
When you cut flowers from your garden, it is important to use a sharp knife or pruning shears. This will ensure that the stem is not crushed and that the stem can take up water easily.

If possible, cut the stems under water to prevent air bubbles from entering the stem. Air bubbles will block the stem and prevent the flower from taking up water.

After cutting the stems, place them in a container of lukewarm water. You can add a flower preservative to the water if you like. Preservatives will help keep your flowers fresh longer.

Change the water every other day and trim the stems again if necessary. This will ensure that your flowers have access to fresh water and that their stems are not blocked by air bubbles.
Foliage Flower Care
Foliage flowers are those with leaves but no blooms (think ferns, philodendrons, etc). They can be difficult to care for because they often have higher water needs than other types of plants. Here are some tips on how to keep foliage flowers looking their best:

misting the leaves with lukewarm water every day will help keep them healthy and prevent them from wilting;
if your foliage flowers start to wilt, immerse them in lukewarm water for a few hours;
placing them in a cool room or near a source of cool air (such as an air conditioner) will also help prevent wilting;
fertilizing your foliage plants every two weeks will help them maintain their vigor; and
to help prevent pests, regularly inspect your foliage plants and remove any insects or eggs that you find.

What You’ll Need

In order to preserve your flowers, you will need the following items:
-Airtight container
-A desiccant
-Papers to wrap the flowers

With these supplies, you will be able to preserve your flowers for a longer period of time.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Whether you grow your own flowers or buy them from a florist, preserving them is a great way to enjoy their beauty for months to come. There are several methods of preservation, and the best one for you will depend on the type of flower and the look you want to achieve. Here are some common methods:

-Drying: This is a good method for flowers that retain their shape well, such as daisies, baby’s breath, and statice. Hang the flowers upside down in a dry, dark place until they are completely dry (this can take up to two weeks). You can then display them in a vase or frame them.

-Pressing: This method works well for delicate flowers that don’t hold their shape well when dried, such as roses, violets, and lilies. Place the flowers between two pieces of absorbent paper (such as parchment or wax paper) and weight them down with something heavy (books work well). Place the stack in a warm, dry place until the flowers are flat (this can take up to two weeks). You can then display the pressed flowers in a frame or use them to decorate cards or scrapbooks.

-Freezing: This is a good method for keeping your flowers looking fresh for a longer period of time. Simply arrange your flowers in a vase with clean water and put them in the freezer overnight. The next day, remove the vase from the freezer and enjoy your fresh-looking flowers!


To prevent your flowers from wilting, it is important to keep them hydrated. The following tips will help you keep your flowers fresh and vibrant:
-Cut the stems of your flowers at an angle so that they can better absorb water.
-Place the flowers in a vase or container filled with clean, room-temperature water.
-Change the water every few days, and trim the stems as needed.
– Avoid placing flowers in direct sunlight or near sources of heat, as this will cause them to wilt more quickly.

If you want to preserve your flowers for a longer period of time, you can try one of the following methods:
-Pressing: This involves pressing the flowers between two sheets of paper and then placing them in a book or heavy object. Flowers typically take one to two weeks to fully press.
-Drying: This can be done using a dehydrator or by hanging the flowers upside down in a dark, cool place. Flowers typically take one to two weeks to fully dry.
-Freezing: This involves placing the flowers in a freezer bag or container and then storing them in the freezer. Flowers can be frozen for up to six months.


If your flowers are looking less than fresh, there are a few things you can try to revive them. First, check the water level and add fresh water if necessary. Then, trim about an inch off the stems and place them in a clean vase with fresh water. If that doesn’t work, try flowers food from a florist or grocery store.


There are many ways to preserve flowers, but the most important thing to remember is to act quickly. Cut the stems at an angle and place them in clean water as soon as possible. If you’re using a chemical preservative, make sure to follow the instructions carefully. Flower preservation is a delicate process, but with a little care and attention, you can enjoy your flowers for months to come.

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