What to Send Instead of Flowers When Someone Dies

If you’re looking for an alternative to flowers when someone dies, consider sending a sympathy card or a donation to a charity in their name.

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At some point in our lives, we will all experience the death of a loved one. While flowers are a traditional way to show your support for the grieving family, they may not be what the family needs or wants during this difficult time.

Here are some thoughtful alternatives to sending flowers when someone dies:

1. A Donation to a Charity in the Person’s Name
2. A Memorial Gift
3. A Personal Note or Letter
4. A Sympathy Card
5. A Remembrance Jewelry

What to Send Instead of Flowers

A Donation to a Charity

Sending a donation to a charity in lieu of flowers is a gesture that can have lasting meaning. The donation can be made in the name of the deceased, and the charity will usually send an acknowledgement of the gift to the bereaved family. If you know of a charity that was particularly important to the deceased, this is an especially thoughtful tribute.

A Personal Note

Sending flowers is a nice gesture, but sometimes it’s not the best thing to do. If you’re not sure what the etiquette is or you want to send something that will be more meaningful, here are some ideas for what to send instead of flowers.

A personal note: A handwritten note expressing your condolences is always appropriate and much appreciated. If you knew the person who died, you can share a memory or two. If you didn’t know the person, you can express your sympathy for the loss of a loved one.

A donation in their name: Make a donation to a charity that was important to the person who died or to a cause that was close to their heart. You can include a note saying that you made the donation in their memory.

A food delivery: If the family is dealing with a lot of funeral arrangements and might not have time to cook, send them a meal from a local restaurant or have food delivered from a grocery store.

A gift card: A gift card to a local restaurant, grocery store, or coffee shop can be helpful if the family needs to buy food or other supplies.

Home cleaning services: If the family needs help with cleaning, offer to hire a professional cleaning service for them or do it yourself if you live nearby.

A Meaningful Gift

When you are sorting through what to send instead of flowers, it can be difficult to know what will provide the most support for the grieving family. A lot of times, people choose to send a plant because it is long lasting and can be a daily reminder of your condolences. Other times, people send food because the family may not have time to cook with everything else that is going on. Whatever you decide to do, make sure it is from the heart and that you put some thought into it.

One option for what to send instead of flowers is a donate to a charity in honor of the deceased. This is a great way to keep the memory of the person alive while also helping out a cause that was important to them. You can also write a heartfelt note or letter expressing your condolences and memories of the deceased. This can be placed in a frame along with a photo for the family to display in their home.

If you are still struggling with what to send instead of flowers, consider reaching out to the funeral home or clergy member handling arrangements and they may have some suggestions for you.


We hope this guide has been helpful. Sending flowers is a beautiful way to show your respects to the deceased and their family, but it’s not the only way. If you are looking for other ways to show your support, consider making a donation to the family’s chosen charity or sending a food delivery to help them during this difficult time. Whatever you decide, your gesture will be appreciated.

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